Bakery Ltd "ZEST" is a company whose main activity is production of bread and pastries.
Bakery "VERVE" began with the work of 1976 and was organized as a social enterprise. From the present point of view one of the few social enterprises in the area which was successfully privatised and in January. and then the ownership structure changed to a joint-stock company.


"VERVE" DOO Stevan Nemanja 230;
36 300 Novi Pazar
TAX ID NUMBER 101797468; MB 07225091


Tel: 020/5 313-811,
Fax: 020/5 313-411

More about us

Immediately after privatisation we have given myself a project to thoroughly clean and renovate a set but the company, and we took priority in the production plant, a fleet which has been refurbished with 12 brand new specialized vehicles. Quality was our first and top priority, we introduced work, order and discipline with the solid conviction that not one worker already employed will be out of a job. It was in a very difficult financial conditions and commercial Elk view, but with great effort, we immediately returned the confidence which was a starting point for the development of our company.

Immediately after the first year of operations, we were able to increase production almost five times. We have achieved excellent quality of our products and expanded the production range to 60 products. Currently we operate in the market: Novi Pazar, Tutin, Sjenica, Rasca, Zubin Potok, Prokuplje, Kings and Belgrade. Also we export our products within the territory of Montenegro supermarket chain Likes and distribute them to their entire area.

Our products are made from the finest raw materials without harmful additives and fat, with the application of modern technology in the field of bakery. High quality products and constant support to customers fall into priority of our business policy. In addition to concerns about the quality of the great attention we and health safety of our products what witnesses certified HACCP food safety system, which we apply in all segments of the porizvodnje.

We own and Halal certified that the products are safe for use with every aspect.

The aim is therefore clear, by applying modern technology, rigorous control of incoming raw materials and working with established dobavljacima to produce and market to offer high quality and safety of health products. We are working on constant expansion of assortment by today daily isporcujemo 60 kinds of high quality products. Following modern trends and uvazavajuci all the more often the requirements and the needs of consumers for healthy nutrition we enriched our offer with special types of bread, toast and pastries in whose composition is dominated by organic flours, oats, yams, razi, buckwheat, corn, which are bred in a healthy and unspoiled nature of the Pesterske plateau which is minced into vodenickom rocks.

Recently we started producing coko doughnuts and doughnut są fruit filling which we supply vrtice and for preschool institutions.
Our wholemeal breads and Unleavened breads have become very well accepted on our market, because of its quality and recognition by customers for our constant desire to satisfy their needs for a product that will satisfy the most secure way their needs and their nutritional values, contribute to their health and preservation of the same.

A special focus of our extensive product range is just the integral miracleof the loaves of razi, yams, oats and buckwheat grown on our farm in the Pesterskoj Plateau, from flour that is ground at the pump house in the traditional way. It should be noted in particular that these breads produced by hand as well as Unleavened breads of razi, oats, yams and buckwheat. We recognize the need of our customers who may have allergies to yeast and their ingredients and went out to meet them. These hlebove can use dijabeticari and people with high blood hooks by pushing for regulation of the same and with heart problems.

The ultimate goal of us is constantly prosirivanje assortment, maximum meeting the new needs of our consumers and conquering new markets. The quality of our products who wins an unfair competition gives us motivation and pushes us forward to even more book to unapredjujemo our entire business and to constantly monitor the trends of healthy and safe meals for customers.