Our products

Bakery "Upswing" in addition to its 60 species of the highest quality products you have in your range for your consumers of recently began producing a new kind of bread that our market has so far lacked.

"All kinds of our products can be delivered to your home!"

New types of Breads

  • 100% Ražani
  • 100% Oat
  • 100% Barley
  • Heljdin 100% wholemeal bread with sunflower seeds, sunflower, flax and soy

Nutritionally nutritious and healthy breads

  • These are nutritionally (nutritious and health) high quality breads that are among 20 foods that carry the label SUPER health food.
  • In particular we recommend them to Hrono child with obese people.

100% Natural breads

Cereals are grown in a healthy and unspoiled nature of the pešterske plateau which is a windmill in the traditional way. In the bakery are produced by VERVE manually 100% integral flour.

Where we are

  • Stevan Nemanja 230, 36300 Novi Pazar
  • adpolet.np@gmail.com
  • 020/5 313-811
  • 020/5 313-411